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Miriam is a world award winning Illustrator and Great Britain hockey player currently based in London, UK.


Miriam has a playful approach to her work, creating witty and quirky drawings, which almost always include people. Story telling is central to her Illustrations, capturing the little moments of life that often go unnoticed. She likes to observe and draw on trains, buses and busy streets - hidden behind a sketchbook. 

Working mainly in a handcrafted way, with pencil, pen and ink, her illustrations possess a rough charm and organic quality. This makes her work both accessible and idiosyncratic! 

Pritchards tile mural illustrations located in Loughborough won the Site Specific category in the World Illustration Awards 2022!

CLIENT LIST: Book(ish), Cheapshot, Loc8 Me, PUBLIC and plants, Scottish sensory centre, Stick Ceramics, The Record Press, Thompson Harrison.

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